A raw food diet for dogs is quite different from the commercially produced dog food that you see in the market these days. This type of diet is based on the fact that the food that your dog eats will directly affect the health as well as its behavior. There are certain foods which will have an adverse effect on your dog’s well being but at the same time, there are also many which can promote good health. A raw food diet may be attributed to the belief that since the food being fed is not processed and is natural, the better it is for dogs can dogs eat cabbage.

Lean meat, vegetables, and fruits are included as part of the dogs meal in this type of diet. It should be varied so that the dog will not get tired of the taste. A raw food diet for dogs should also have some green and yellow vegetables in it, but there are certain greens which should also be avoided since they would cause gas, such as cabbage. Cucumbers should also be avoided because it might cause indigestion.

Meat on the other hand is an important aspect of the diet. Some owners are a little leery at first when they feed the dogs with raw meat, thus they may cook it slightly at first until the dogs get used to it. After some time, uncooked meat should be given since it is supposed to really be a raw food diet for dogs. Lamb, beef, turkey, duck, and venison may be given to them alternately. As much as possible, a variety of meat should be fed to them since they might develop hypersensitivity if they have the same thing over and over again.

In terms of fruits and vegetables, the raw ones will be good for them. Carrots, for example, contain a lot of vitamin and minerals such as potassium and calcium. Celery sticks can also be given to them because it can relieve symptoms of arthritis and some urinary tract concerns. Alfalfa and zucchini will also be good for them. To add flavor to the foods, spices such as paprika and garlic may also be added. Just make sure that tomatoes, raw beans, cabbage, onions, cucumber, pepper, spinach, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are not given to them because it might cause gas or indigestion. A raw food diet for dogs may also include fruits such as mangos, bananas, and apples.

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