Marijuana Addiction – Do You Know Marijuana Well Enough?

We live in a world of chemicals, some naturally occurring and some manufactured, and many such as antibiotics, necessary for our well-being. It is also a world of stress and turmoil from time to time, and in that state we often look to some of those chemicals to provide a shortcut to feeling better. In fact, many of the chemicals “work” for at least a short time we feel better, more alive, and happier.

So what is the problem? The problem is real and has many levels:

– All drugs have potentially undesirable and dangerous side effects.

– All drugs can be abused, overused, used destructively.

– All mind-altering chemicals can cause dependence (psychological or physical), and many can lead to serious addictive disorders.

– Chemicals never solved anyone’s problems.

– Even if chemicals work for a while, the effects are always short-lived and can become a crutch. Even if they make us feel better, they fool us into believing the we cannot do without them, and worse, that we cannot solve our problems on our own CBD.

Some say that marijuana is dangerous and addictive, others not. Some say it is as addictive as cocaine. Unfortunately all are wrong. Marijuana, a potentially destructive substance, is not addictive. Cocaine, an extremely destructive substance, is definitely addictive. Has this confused you? Let me try to clarify.

An addictive substance is one that causes the cells of the body to develop an actual physiological need for the drug, which must be taken in increasing doses to produce the same physical and emotional effect, and, finally, that causes a severe and potentially dangerous bodily reaction when it is abruptly stopped in an addicted individual (abstinence syndrome). Substances that do not meet all these criteria are not considered addictive.

However they can still be dangerous. Marijuana causes some physical changes and can develop a kind of psychological dependency in certain vulnerable and needy individuals. These people become apathetic and withdrawn, and their schoolwork and relationships can suffer. Cocaine is one of the most destructive substances around and is very expensive. It induces an extraordinary craving and dependence in many susceptible users. It creates the illusion of well-being and power while providing just the opposite.


How to Stop Smoking Pot – The 3 Most Important Rules to Finally Help You Quit Smoking Cannabis!

Therefore you have finally made a decision to stop smoking pot. Primarily I applaud you for your choice. I understand from own experience, how much cannabis can dominate your daily life. I also know exactly how tough it’s to stop smoking marijuana once and for all. Therefore in this article I would like to supply some tips on how best to quit smoking cannabis.

1) Rather than attempting to stop smoking bud cold-turkey, you have to invent a plan. Many cannabis smokers have a set routine when they decide to try and stop trying. You will kid yourself that as soon as your existing life is finished, that is it, you’re going to stop smoking cannabis once and for all. If that you smoke that baggy twice as fast when you normally would when it’s finished, you end up buying more! It’s really a vicious circle that will get a grip on you in the event that you allow it to.

Decide on a date about one month in the long run as your “stopping” date. In accordance with this date gradually cut back on the total amount of cannabis you’re smoking. If you’re a heavy smoker,Cbd  then try and cut back to 1 or two joints a day. After seven days, then cut down this again. One a day or one joint every day for the next 10 days. For the last 10 days, take to and smoke 2 or 3 joints as a whole and soon you reach your consuming day!

2) On the afternoon that you finally opt to stop smoking bud, you will need to throw away and lose each and every parcel of drug paraphernalia that you have. Papers, lighters, roach fabric, bongs, bags, grinder. I made the mistake of initially keeping each one of these things wrapped up at a drawer. This just makes it far easier to get sucked straight back .

In case the desire to smoke cannabis is there, then you are unfortunately more inclined to take it. No matter what anybody tells you, bud is addictive. But, it is much more a psychological dependency a one. In the event you leave temptation on your way, the mind is very likely to shoot control and you will probably be smoking pot or weed by the close of your day.

3) The most crucial and yet most significant part of just how to stop smoking marijuana is losing your friends. Cannabis is a social very unsociable drug. Ordinarily long time pot smokers eventually become remote from family and friends that do not partake in their own habit. Yet, other bud smokers so on become your closest allies.

I discovered that a lot of my “pot-smoking” friends have been for me personally giving were even proud. Yet, I really couldn’t ask or induce some of these to stop smoking cannabis with me. Watching them smoke and then pass round a joint between one another was killing me! Whenever you give up smoking marijuana once and for many, you will see what a fantastic decision you’ve made. However by going out with the exact friends, trust in me, it’s not going to be long before you revert back into your previous ways!

WARNING: Do not allow Cannabis or smoking to shoot more and eventually destroy your own life!